purging party planning package

What Do I Need to Do?


Do I have to be on-site?

Absolutely not. If our Purge Pros can access the junk that you want removed we can look at the junk, tell you the cost of removal, remove the junk, and take payment over the phone via credit card.  You can even stay home and not have any face to face interaction with anyone if you don’t want to.


How soon should I register for my neighbourhood Purge Party?

We recommend registering for your local Purge date as soon as possible, as we have limited spots available. We only purge each neighbourhood once per year so if you want something removed, now’s your chance.


Where does my junk go?

We prioritize donating items to our charitable partners or recycling them. If your junk is truly junk, we will properly dispose of it at a designated recycling location or at the landfill.


How do I get ready for you?

Small Items:

To ensure a quick and efficient pick up, please gather smaller items together in boxes or bags in one accessible spot either inside or outside.

Large Items:

Our crew will take care of the heavy lifting of items such as couches, appliances, and televisions.

Please ensure appliances are disconnected, empty, drained, and ready to go.

Taking doors off the hinges, hand railing removal, and other home modifications necessary for junk removal may incur an extra charge.

Indoor Removal: 

We recommend making sure any areas the crew needs to access indoors be cleared of furniture and debris, for example shoe racks, decorative rugs, and things hanging on the walls.

Your animal friends:

Please ensure your pets are secured somewhere inside that doesn’t need to be accessed for junk removal.

Renovation debris:

We are able to take renovation debris as long as it has already been bagged and moved to an easy-to-grab place.


Do you take chemicals or food waste?

No, unfortunately chemicals and food waste require special licensing to transport and dispose of. For a list of what we do and do not take, see above.

Have You Reserved Your Spot Yet?

Some of the Items We Remove


Short Answer: Pretty much anything, except items that explode, create a huge mess, or are hazzardous to human health.

Long Answer:

Appliances, electronics, barbecues, patio furniture, couches, chairs, loveseats, recliners, futons, sofas, dressers, dining tables, TVs, fridges, coffee tables, mattresses, lamps, construction debris, yard waste, moving cleanup, and more.



There are two general types of material we can’t take:

Hazardous materials:

  • asbestos
  • biomedical and biohazardous waste
  • chemicals and solvents
  • explosives
  • food waste
  • gas tanks or storage containers
  • oils
  • oil drums (unless empty)
  • oil tanks
  • toxic material

We accept small quantities of  extra heavy materials, such as:

  • bricks
  • composite
  • concrete
  • large sheets of glass
  • pianos
  • rocks/gravel
  • shingles
  • sod
  • soil/dirt
  • tiles
  • vinyl flooring

Please note that while we will accept small quantities of heavy items, they may be subject to a weight surcharge.


What We Recycle

The Purge Process strives to recycle as much as possible. Some things that we can recycle:

  • electronics
  • construction materials & drywall
  • household goods
  • large and small appliances
  • metals
  • paper & cardboard
  • untreated lumber


We donate the following if in excellent condition:

  • bedding
  • books
  • clothing
  • furniture and appliances
  • non-perishable food
  • unopened, unused construction materials
  • toys and games
  • unopened personal hygiene items


Have You Reserved Your Spot Yet?